About us

“About us“
PEER is more than just a brand or an attitude, it's a lifestyle. It's about the things that make you unique and show who you are, how you act in public or in peer groups. PEER can be everything for you and at the same time nothing, you have to choose your own vision for life.
Live it like us, 
Live it like a peer.
About the founders
We are Ryan Noor and Paolo Luke. We founded PEER Society years ago in our hometown Cologne, Germany. Since we were young we had big visions for life.
It all started with Ryan designing and producing a couple of unique pieces for himself on a trip to his family in Indonesia.
Ryan is the visionary behind the straightforward designs, fine fabrics, and textile productions.
,,We always just want to wear our own designs to look unique, instead of paying big money on clothes we could design better” - Ryan Noor
Paolo is the creative head translating the pieces into visual content, from management to branding.
,,We want to change the whole fashion industry with our modern, timeless and innovative designs, with the lifestyle PEER embodies” - Paolo Luke
The lifestyle our young peers are living; doing what they want, not listening to people with no vision, eating good food, travelling around, being surrounded by exciting people and making a difference inspired us in making PEER a new lifestyle. That is our vision.
In the end, our story is about two best friends with an idea to inspire others with their vision what life is about..